What is a trend? 

Cubeyou+ Trends show you how interactions related to brands, media, influencers change over a specific time period. This number will help you understand how your audience is changing its attitude and interests. Remember Cubeyou's trends are referred specifically to the audience you are analyzing, they are not telling you what's trending overall, but what's trending for your audience. 


Cubeyou gives you insights on brands/media/influencers trending over the following time periods:

- Month: what is trending this month compared to the previous month

- Quarter: what is trending this quarter compared to the previous quarter

- Semester: what is trending this semester compared to the previous semester

Where to find trends

You can see what is trending both in the Dashboards or in the Advanced section. 

In the dashboards you can recognize a trend chart or graph by its name  and by the time indicator on the top right of the table/chart (see image below)

In the advanced section you can find an entire tab dedicated to trends that gives you an overview of the main trending genres. 

As always, to get more detail you can either click on "See more about this topic" below the graph or leverage the menu in the side bar to access the specific section you'd like to explore. 

Once you get to the section for a specific trend you'll have a table and a chat illustrating the data.

How to read trends

1) Trend: tells you how much engagement has been growing around a specific interests for your audience. For example engagement has increased of 310.75% for The Young Turks compared to the previous quarter. Positive trends are highlighted in green, while negative trends are red. 

2) Average: tells you how much engagement has been growing around that interest for the average American population. 167.62% for The Young Turks.

3) Affinity: tells you how much more a specific interest is trending for your audience compared to the average American. When Affinity is above 1 the brand/media/celebrity is trending more in your audience compared to the average American (such as The Young Turks, BuzzFeed Animals, Whisper App, etc..) ), if the index is below 1 the brand/media/celebrity is trending less in your audience compared to how much it's trending overall. The Logan movie, for example, is trending less for the target audience compared to the average American population.

Beside the table you'll find a chart illustrating the data. By default Cubeyou shows you the layered column chart that gives you a good benchmark between the target's and the average American's trends. 

How to add trends to your dashboard

If you are editing an existing dashboard or building your own custom dashboard from scratch you can always add a trend table or graph to it. Here are the steps you have to follow.

1) Click on "Add a new tile"

2) When selecting your data source select trends

3) Then select what specific media, influencer, product or service category you want to see the trend on. For example if we want to see top trending tv shows for out target, we'd make the selection below.

4) Then select the time frame for the trend

5) And the layout of the data you prefer: table or chart. For the chart, the layered column chart is the one that displays all the data in the best way, showing both trend for the target and for the average population in one view.

6) Then save the table and/or chart you created, below is an example of the layout that the trends charts and tables will have in the dashboard.

You can also just click on the star icon beside any table/chart in the trends tab and added to any of your existing custom dashboards.