Panel Recruitment

In the last 5 years we have developed several web apps with the goal of gaining the explicit consent to acquire and analyze consumers private information and monitor their social activity to create the largest consumers panel in the world. This allowed us to create an unbiased panel of more than 45 million people globally.

Panel Location

Among our global panel, we selected only people living in US based on two types of information:

  • Their Facebook and Twitter profile information (self reported data)

  • The geolocation of their activities on Facebook and Twitter, to double check the accuracy of the information declared on their profile (observation data)


No matter how well designed, any panel is likely to differ somewhat from the population being measured. In order to correct for differences, Cubeyou uses a statistical method called sample-balancing upfront, that eliminates demographic differences between Cubeyou’s sample and the real world population by cutting off those users who, for their demographic characteristics are in excess compared to the distribution of the average online US population. This process allows us to be representative of the US population between 18 and 69 years old (220 million people) for age, gender and location.

The result is a representative panel of the online consumer including more than 10 million people whose characteristics are illustrated in the graphs below.

Consumer information

Cubeyou acquires two types of information on each consumer:

Self reported information

This is all the information that the user fills in his Facebook and Twitter profile such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Work and education
  • Family and relationships

Observed information

These are all the public interactions we collect every day with brands, products, services, places, celebrities. In detail, these are the specific interactions that Cubeyou tracks:

  • Likes
  • Following
  • Shares
  • Posts
  • Likes to posts
  • Comments to posts
  • Checkins
  • Mentions of brands/celebrities in a post

Definition of interest

How does Cubeyou tell you that a person is interested in a product or service? A like made years ago is surely not enough, we weight all the following factors to define interest:

    • Type of interaction: Cubeyou gives different values to different types of interactions. For example, if you share a brand’s content on your timeline it is a strong demonstration of interest, even more than simply liking the post.

    • Timing of interaction: Cubeyou weights all interactions based on when they occur giving more importance to the most recent ones that indicate the latest preferences of the users in the platform

    • Frequency of interaction: Cubeyou tracks every single interaction, so the more you interact with a brand the more your interest towards this brand will be high.

Interactions are updated every week and are tracked since 2012. As time passes, the older interactions get less and less important and are substituted by the more recent ones to give you a good picture of your audience in the last year