Segmentation is the key to understanding your most profitable customers and delivering more personalized experiences, to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.


Psychographics is the study and classification of people, based on their interests, attitudes, habits, values and opinions, not only on their objective demographic characteristics, but to better understand what drives them or could drive them to purchase and engage with your company.


Cubeyou’s psychographics model takes into account 2 characteristics of our user's behavior: 

- The interactions pattern of each user on Social Media 

- The types of pages that best fit the user's interests and needs

Specifically, for each user we calculate the proportion of interactions that he/she does on each type of Social Media page and we use this as a trigger to detect his/her specific and real interests and needs.

Example: Let’s say Mark has 100 interactions on Social Media and 40 of these interactions are with music pages. On the other hand, Paul has 500 interactions on Social Media and 100 of those interactions are with music pages.

Mark is much more likely to be a music lover than Paul is, because Mark focuses 40% of his Social Media activity on music pages. On the other hand, Paul likes music but he spends just 20% of his time on music pages.

We can benchmark this kind of data against the the average Social Media user's behavior to see if each user has a number of interactions that is above or below the average number of interactions in the category.

Let’s say music is a very popular topic on Social Media and the average American user spends 35% of their time interacting with music-related pages. Our algorithms would likely profile Mark as a music lover, while Paul would likely be excluded from the music lover profile.

For every specific psychographic profile, our algorithm uses different thresholds for the number of interactions within the category.

Alternatively, let's use science as an example, as a less popular topic on Social Media. Let’s say users on average spend only 5% of their time on science related pages. If Mark spends 10% of his time interacting with pages about science, then Mark is likely to be a science lover.

In summary, our profiling algorithms leverage different kinds of data:

  • The single user's behavior pattern on Social Media
  • The types of pages, brands and products which users interact with
  • The average user's behavior on Social Media


Top Psychographics
Art Appreciators: Members of this segment have a major passion for classic arts. They usually travel to admire churches, sculptures, art galleries and paintings. They tend to be people over 25 years old.

Beauty and Wellness Aware: They dedicate most of their time and energy to the care of their body. They are ready to spend part of their budget on beauty products, especially if they consider them of the best quality. Aside from products and objects, consumers in this section also dedicate time and money toward their physical fitness and health, whether that be gym memberships, dietary supplements, or spa treatments.

Business People: Entrepreneurs, business owners, or just professionals, Cubeyou's business people put their work and career at the top of their priorities. They are fully invested into their job for both economical reasons and personal satisfaction, but also follow the greater scope of business and the economy, and this is most reflected in their media consumption.

Celebrity Fans: These tabloid readers have a pulse on all the latest gossip about celebrities, which arises from their heavy social media usage. They will try and do anything that their favorite celebrity suggests, and keep a tight watch on trends and news regarding their favorite famous people.

Design Lovers: Individuals in this segment have a passion for design and modern art. They tend to have a higher income than the US average. There is not a major gender differences, nor major age distinctions. As opposed to home decorators and DIYs, these people are more likely to invest in nice furnishings or art than recreate it themselves.

Entertainment Junkies: This is an audience who loves being in front of a screen. Do not get into a TV or Movie trivia battle with them, because they will likely win, as watching TV and Movies is what they do for fun. You'll see them sharing trailers for upcoming movies and talking about the latest show they are binge-watching on Netflix.

Fashion Lovers: Members of this segment have an interest in fashion and apparel. They keep a fresh repertoire of clothing, and look for opportunities to show it off. That bonus or paycheck usually funds a new accessory or outfit. Men in this segment tend to be under 34 years old, while women's age in this segment are more evenly distributed.

Food Lovers: Food makes them happy. They enjoy going to restaurants to try new or favorite dishes and often experiment with food at home. Many of their activities surround food: surfing the web, shopping, going out, cooking. All are usually food related for this segment. 

Gamblers: This group enjoys playing games but only if there is betting and money involved. They tend to frequent casinos, playing anything from slot machines, to card games. They are also not strangers to online betting, upping their stakes to win big.

Gamers: This segment includes people who are passionate about video games. Through multiple different platforms, they will be playing games. From PC, to console, or on their smartphones. Gaming for them is viewed as a "serious hobby," even sport.

Health Conscious:  They are concerned about their health and are looking to find health products that can help any ailment that comes their way.

Home Decorators & DIYs: For this segment, where they live is their blank canvas. All of their creativity and craftiness is channelled toward their home. They look to design and furnishing publications for inspiration, and try to recreate their favorites on their own. They tend to be woman over 30th years old.

Money Savers: People in this segment tend to save money in several branches of shopping like clothing, department stores, electronic stores. They generally consider price first amongst other factors and are always up to date with the latest offers by searching for them on the web.

Motor Lovers: Members of this segment have a huge interest in the world of motors. Cars, motorcycles, scooters: if it gets them from A-B in style, they are interested. They are not necessarily experts on cars or motorcycles, but this interest tends to coincide with their sports of choice, TV shows, magazines, and their conversations with friends (who typically share the same interest!).

Music Lovers: This segment is deeply passionate about music. It's a part of their activities. They keep close tabs on their favorite musicians and bands via social media, and like to keep pulse on the latest and new hits. Most of their disposable income goes back into seeing their favorite bands.

Nerds: They are your classic poindexter archetype, (Sheldon from Bing Bang Theory). This segment is based on a heavy interest in fantasy genre movies and tv shows, strategy/ RPG games, fictional characters, and comics.

Netizens: Cubeyou's Netizen is always online. They are heavy internet consumers, and prefer to do any activity online. Shopping, talking with friends, reading, playing games, are better when done through the internet for this group.

Outdoor Enthusiasts: They spend most of their free time outdoors; they'd rather go for a run or a bike ride than workout at the gym. More than just staying active and fit, outdoor enthusiasts capitalize on opportunities to be in nature by hiking, camping, fishing, and the likes.

Party Goers: People that love spending a lot of time in bars, pubs, clubs, and other night activities for fun or passion. They are often working for the weekend, and spend money on looking good and impressing when they go out.

Pet Lovers: People who love animals and are likely pet owners. Animals literally make up part of their friends, and they are passionate about the world respecting their rights. Over seventy percent of this segment are women.

Politically Active: This segment includes all the people interested in politics. Whether it be at the national or local level, politically active people have policy top of mind. Communication to the people is important to these individuals, and they rely on politically heavy media sources for their news. This section includes people interested in politics, and also people involved with politics.

Readers: Reading is an essential characteristic of this segment. They appreciate fine journalism, always have a book they are working on, and will spend time reading just about anything, as opposed to watching something. A good article will be more successful content with this group than a picture or video!

Sports Enthusiasts: This is your sports fan! While the majority of this audience does in fact also practice some sort of spot, this segment includes also people that are strictly spectators. You will find them subscribing to magazines, surfing the web, and following social pages which provide the best analysis and news. The latest sports news or game typically dominates their conversations.

Techies: Technology is their daily bread and they are always up to date with the latest technology development and evolutions. These are the people you see standing in line outside for the latest new technology. They tend to follow tech blogs or read tech magazine. This interest also typically follows suit with their occupations.

Travelers: Travelers make seeing a new place a priority. "Staycation" is not a term they are familiar with, as they capitalize on any opportunity to get out of town. These frequent flyers are keen to traveling discounts and promotions, and follow their preferred travel resources online closely.

To get a better understanding of the audience in various key areas we also created some additional specific psychographic traits for 6 macro areas: Media, Technology and Games, Food and Drink, Beauty and Fashion, Politics, Sport and Motor.

Adv Strategy
  1. Outdoor Ads: Based on their activities, this segment is more likely to be influenced and reached by advertising outdoors. They are commuters and travelers which spend time in their cars, on trains, in taxis, and buses. They also are less active online than average. Three-quarters of them are males with a medium income.

  2. Online Ads: Advertising through social and websites is likely to be the best way to reach them. They spend many hours online, much more so than average.

  3. Print Ads: You are most likely reaching this audience through printed medias like magazines and newspapers. They show a much higher interest within these medias than the rest.

  4. Unconventional Ads: Based on their activity, this segment is best reached through the emerging and less traditional mediums. Mobile, apps, product placement in TV, along with experiences at shopping malls, restaurants, and other public centers can be very effective.

  5. Tv Ads: This is a segment that shows heavy interest within the TV category of shows and networks. A high percentage of your audience in this segment would suggest television ads are an effective way to reach your audience.

Beauty and Wellness

  1. Just a Trim: Members of this segment have found their hairstyles and stick with them. They aren’t influenced by what they see in magazines or on TV about hair care products, mainly because they see no reason to change from the products they usually use. As every segments in this category, this one is composed for more by female.

  2. Cosmetic Connoisseurs: Cosmetic Connoisseurs shop for style; they love makeup. They like to try different applications and colors, and often buy new makeup products just to try them. They look for ideas in beauty magazines or websites. Over Ninety-five percent of this segment is female.

  3. Self-Applied Style: They are much more drawn to beauty and cosmetic related products and offerings than any sort of media or blogs on this topic. Typically they are confident in their beauty and image, and their preferred style. They are not easily influenced by media related to this topic or famous spokespersons.

  4. Active and Fit: This audience makes a point to stay active and fit because it's crucial to their wellbeing. Their body image is important to them and they often incorporate vitamins and supplements to be sure they are getting the most out of their workouts.


  1. Tv Show Lovers: They are obsessed with tv shows and would rather see one episode after the other than watch a movie.

  2. Movie Lovers: They love movies but prefer watching them comfortably at home in front of their tv.

  3. TV for Fun: They watch tv for fun, and often for a lighthearted good laugh. The are mostly young women and their favorite shows are reality shows, comedies and game shows.

  4. Emotional Watchers: They watch TV show genres that evoke strong emotions like dramas, horror, and documentaries. They are older than "Entertainment Watchers".

  5. Cinema Goers: They love going to the cinema and watching a movie in front of a proper screen. They are not into tv shows and their income is higher than the Us average.

  6. 24hr NewsThey watch a lot of TV, but it's most news shows and channels. Movies and sitcoms are only occasional interests because they consider them a waste of time and not informative. They are mostly men over 45 years old.


  1. Swayable Shopaholics: They have an interest in fashion, but do not dedicate much time to researching and staying ahead of the curve. When they shop, popular trends, in store promotions, or even a convincing mannequin could sway this shopper. Eighty percent women, they are impulse buyers and are willing to pay extra for image-enhancing products. A nice tagline or highlighted feature of your brand could win them over!

  2. Classic Fit: When they find a style they like, they stick to it. Nearly 90% female, she is not trying to do anything drastic or new. Brand agnostic, and deaf to trends, she is more driven by comfort and classic traditional looks.

  3. Accessories Addicted: Members of this segment particularly spend a lot of time and money for jewels, watches, bracelets, necklaces, bags. While they are nearly all females, their age varies.

  4. Trendy: Nearly two-thirds women, this is your classic trendy girl or guy. Their fashion appearance is not necessarily high end, but it's always refreshed with the times. Trends dictate everything they wear and buy, and they are usually on top of these trends. As opposed to "personal style", they are followers not trailblazers.

  5. Fashion Disconnects: They are almost totally indifferent to clothing. They don’t like to shop, they don’t care what’s in style, and they don’t buy new clothes just because a new season rolls around. They are totally disinterested in fashion and what is related to it. Obviously they are mostly men.

  6. Personal StyleThese individuals love shopping for clothes and accessories, but they style to the beat of their own drum. Trends do not affect them much, and typically refer to their friends and own interest rather than fashion blogs and media. They tend to be mostly woman.
  7. Sporty StylistsWhether they are going to the gym or grocery shopping, you'll find them in athletic gear. Comfort is an important factor to this audience. Basketball shorts and a workout shirt is what they consider casual. Three-fourth of this segment are male.
  8. Fashion EnthusiastsThis is the extremely chic and passionate segment of "Fashion Lovers." Fashion Enthusiasts deeply love fashion. They spend a lot of time reading and keeping up with fashion news. As opposed to simply buying apparel, "fashion Enthusiasts" are likely to attend fashion shows, read fashion magazines, and frequent fashion blogs and websites. They tend to be female from 25th to 34th years.


  1. Food-To-Go: People who don't love cooking in general and prefer prepared meal to spending time cooking at home. Different than fast food eaters, they are looking more to cut time and prep work out of their meals, than eat a cheap cheeseburger. They frequently eat on the run. Nearly half of this segment is compose by people including from 18th to 24th age years old, probably students.

  2. Home-Chefs: Members of this segment love cooking at home. More so than someone who microwaves dinners nightly, they take interest and care to making and preparing good for you and good tasting meals. The grocery stores know them well, and they belong to rewards programs their grocery stores offer. The prototype of this individuals are female over 25 years old.

  3. Thoughtful Eaters: These young consumers are responsible about their diet. Food for them is a source of nutrition as well as enjoyment. They are not on any particular diet, rather do their best to eat a healthy, balanced lineup of meals. They try to eat breakfast every day, regularly eat organic foods, and rarely eat fast food. Eighty-five percent of this segment are female.

  4. Snack Fans: Snackers are gonna snack! This segment is based off an extremely high interest in the snack category, and they are likely to be nibbling on their favorite snack all day, leaving no room for dinner. Chips, candy, nuts, or crackers, they will fill up on their choice handful.

  5. Fast Food Fans: They love the convenience and dependability of fast food. Negative news or stories about their favorite joint doesn't sway them one bit because waiting for and preparing a home cooked meal is typically avoided. More of their money goes to Ronald McDonald (not the charity) than grocery stores.

  6. Social Drinkers: Alcohol is a crucial part of their social life, whether it's a dinner, a party or just hanging out with friends, a drink is usually involved.


  1. Hardcore Gamers: They are really passionate about video games and spend a lot of their disposable income on video games, consoles, or PC upgrades, and a large percentage of their free time either playing video games or discussing them, online and off.

  2. Social Gamers: They are mostly male between 18 and 34 years old, and they play video games in their free time, not as often as hardcore gamers. They often meet with their friends to play together and sport games are the games they play the most.

  3. Casual Gamers: They play casual games like puzzle games, hidden objects, adventure games, word games, that require no long term commitment or special skills to play and don't usually own a console but play mostly on their phone or tablet.


  1. Car Experts: They are the people to ask for automobile advice, and they'll have a helpful answer.They are not only "Car lovers", but experts on the car category. Their car is their most valuable possession, and it's a topic of conversation and their main information focus when surfing the web. This segment is 90% male.

  2. Motorcycle Lovers: Members of this segment have an innate passion for life on two wheels. They tune in to websites, apps, magazine, tv programs and all the possibles sources they can to stay up to date on their motorcycle knowledge. The prototype of this segment is a male with an age from 30 to 40 years.

  3. Car Enthusiasts: Mostly a male segment, these individuals have a passion for expensive and powerful automobiles. They love spending time watching rallies on TV and following online blogs commenting them. They have respect for the little things that make a car valuable, under the hood and on the exterior. Different from car experts in that they have an interest in fine and powerful cars, where experts have more knowledge and wherewithal about the cogs and wheels of automobiles.


  1. Signature Soundtrack: They are very specific about the type of music they like, and it doesn't range outside a couple of genres. If you are going to play music for them, make sure it's the one they like.

  2. Metalheads: They love listening to metal music, but sometimes also to some progressive or hard rock music. Metalheads are mostly males, over 25 who's lifestyle is associated with a higher than the average alcol consumption.

  3. Sophisticated Listeners: They love classical, blues and jazz music and artists from the past, and think they are much better than contemporary ones. The prototype of this segment is an individual over 45th years with an income over the average.

  4. Dancers: They are young and they enjoy music that makes them dance like reggae, latin american, dance and electronic. They often go to clubs and discos to dance the music they love.

  5. Top 40: They love popular mainstream music. Pop, rock, indie and alternative are their favorite genres. Sixty percent are females.

  6. Web Radio ListenersThey love listening to the radio and enjoy not only the music but also talk shows and other radio programs. Sixty percent of these individuals are males.
  7. Musicians They don't only listen to music, but they play a musical instrument as well. For them music is a great passion and a lifestyle. They are mostly men, with a lower than the average income.

  8. Background Beats For them music is just something that plays in the background without any particular preference for specific artists or genres.


  1. Political Activists: They are committed to and involved in the political process. They lean to one side or the other, and voice that opinion on any major political issue. They take part in a lot of political activities: voting, organizing, communicating, active involvement in local and national politics. Rock the Vote!

  2. Philanthropists: These individuals show a high level of interaction with other people in their communities. From PTA moms, to Church Council members they serve on local committees and engage in public fundraising at three times the national rate. If you have one in your neighborhood, I am sure they have introduced themselves already.

  3. Social Activists: Very passionate about specific causes and issues, social activists do what they can to have their voices heard. Their concern is for the betterment of society (at least they think so!), and voice their opinion through any medium they can: articles, social media, rallies. They tend to have a higher than average income over US average.

  4. Passive Civics: Adults in this segment do not vote. They are totally disinterested in politics. They tend to be younger consumers.


  1. Bookworms: They are voracious readers and are constantly searching for a new book to read, be it a science fiction or a romantic novel. Most have a higher than the average income.

  2. Gossipers: They read a lot of on and offline news about gossip and entertainment. They are always updated on their favorite actors, singers and celebrities.

  3. Well-Informed Newsies: They don't waste their time on gossip but want to read about serious issues like politics, foreign affairs and economy. Creating successful content for them means shooting them the facts and getting to the point.

  4. Comic Book Readers: They have a strong passion for comics and graphic novels, and the characters that populate these stories. They read both on and offline and the most passionate fans also attend events like Comic-Con.


  1. Addicted to Sport: They spend most of their free time watching sports on tv and reading about them online and in the news and magazines. They are young competitive men without children and an income between 40k and 70k.

  2. Athletes: They are people who prefer getting out and practicing their favorite sports rather than lying on the couch watching them on tv. Sport is their passion and it fills most of their non working time.

  3. Combative Sports Fan: They are into sports overall but combat sports like MMA or boxing is what really excites them. They watch all UFC fights and a smaller percentage of this segment also practices these sports.

  4. Adrenaline Junkies: They are young men mostly 18-24 years old, who think about sport not as a way to stay fit and healthy but as something that brings adrenaline and adventure in their lives. They practice from skateboarding and windsurfing to more extreme activities like bungee jumping or skydiving.

  5. Team Sport Fans: They prefer team sports like football or soccer or basketball and spend a lot of time watching their favorite team playing. They often also get tickets for the most important games and follow the latest update about their favorite teams online.

  6. Individual Sport FansThey are more passionate about sports in which a single individual can stand out and become their hero rather than team sports. Because of the individualism, they are also likely to participate and play the sport in which they follow most.
  1. Tech-Splorers New technologies are a real passion for them and they will be the first ones to try new devices. They spend a lot of time also reading about technological innovations and are always up to date with the latest news.

  2. Techno Gamers They are young and they use technology for entertainment and video games. They are more likely to chat, use online dating services, play games and access gambling sites than the average person.

  3. Techno-Phobes They lack any interest in technology and they aren't like ly to spend their money on the latest gadget.


  1. Online Financials: They use the Internet as a financial tool to track their investments, trade stocks or bonds and pay their bills. They also exploit the Internet’s research, news and information capabilities to search for financial information. They are mostly males over 35th years old.

  2. Mobile-App Happy: Their phone is a central element in their life and they have an app for everything that is important for them.

  3. Online For Fun: They that value the Internet mostly for entertainment and education. Quick to look up that random fact or share a bit of information, they like to communicate, learn, share, and have fun online. Rather than shopping, banking, or other specific uses, they like to surf the web and learn. They tend to be individuals over 25 years old, equally male and female.

  4. Online For PurposeThey tend to be over 25, and use internet as a tool, to shop online, pay bills and communicate with their family and friends.
  5. See You Online: They are online to connect with friends. Mostly through mobile apps with social purposes, they are always on and always connected.