How can I find out if my audience is interested in certain brands?

Cubeyou has added new search capabilities within the platform. Now you will be able to search for specific brands if you want to find out if your audience has an affinity to those brands.

First, you will have to select your target and then analyze. From there, select what information you’d like to find out about your target. For example in the case below, maybe we want to find out if the Glossier audience likes Kashi bars.

Simply go to the interest section on the left hand side, and then drill down what you’d like to find more information about: 

Then simply type the brand in the search bar, for example let’s see if the Glossier audience has an affinity to Kashi bars:

Then the platform will take you to the right category where the brand is located, as you can see in the path displayed above. Keep in mind, that this option takes you to the right category where that item is located but you may still have to drill down and load more information on the table for the item to show up:

Any questions, contact your Cubeyou rep!