Cubeyou now allows the ability for you to filter by employment! 

To find out a little about how we’ve incorporated the employment information, please see below:

How is it calculated?

  •  We model the employment information firstly based off of what panelists share on the their Twitter and Facebook. If the panelists shared a link to their Linkedin page on the ‘personal website’ field then we automatically associate the title.

  • If there is no Linkedin associated, then Cubeyou filters through the panelist’ profile and based on the description we compare it to a comprehensive list of occupational data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • The job titles extracted are categorized into main job sectors using the Standard Occupational Classification. Our prediction model then looks at the relevant interests/engagements of the panelists, utilizing specific demographics such as income as variables to infer job sectors for the rest of the panel.

The results are segmentation for employment by two categories, status and job function:

Employment Status:

  • Employed

    • Has a job
  • Unoccupied

    • Those that are unemployed, looking for a job, available for work, but also those that are not seeking a job, or are unable to work due to physical constraints.
  • Student

    • Main occupation is to go to school and get an education.
  • Retired

    • No longer actively working


Job Function: (highlighted in blue below with examples of what may fall under that category).

Having a wide range of job sectors will allow another layer of transparency into the demographics of your target audience.

Contact your Cubeyou rep with any questions!