Cubeyou has recently introduced a new Demographic trait called County Size. Users can now view or filter by Urban and Rural Counties within Cubeyou searches. In the screenshot below, the target is John Deere, one of the largest tractor companies in the world. Since Rural farmers are well versed in the commercial tractor industry, we can see that Rural counties are over-indexing for this brand's audience.


To make this distinction within Cubeyou, our Artificial Intelligence programming utilizes the definition of Urban and Rural counties as provided by the US Census Bureau. This document outlines the full list of all Rural counties in the United States. Cubeyou technology assigns a Rural or Urban county dweller tag to each of our panelists. The system double checks each user’s location through Google Maps integration to ensure whether or not the county falls on the Rural county list.


By clicking on the 'See More About This Topic' text, you can see the table view of metrics for your target audience. Within the United States, 87.4% of the population falls within a county labeled as Urban. You can see the US average by hovering your mouse over the transparent bar to display the percentage of the population living in Urban and Rural counties. The remaining 12.6% are living in counties considered Rural. Since the reach of Rural classified individuals for the John Deere audience is 31.07%, the Affinity for Rural County size is significantly greater than 1.0x (2.47x at the moment).

Please reach out to your Cubeyou representative with any questions regarding this new Demographic trait.