How to incorporate a Simmons Psychographic in your target:


How do I add a Simmons psychographic in Cubeyou?

  1. Start in the Cubeyou Homepage

  2. Go to the ‘Psychographics’ section and select the ‘Simmons’ drop down to isolate only Simmons psychographics:




  1. Select the specific sub-genre within the ‘Simmons’ psychographics you’d like to include in your target.



  • Lifestyles

    • The fusion platform includes 12 Simmons Lifestyles genre’s you can choose from and within those genres, there are a multitude of other attitudes/opinions/sentiments you can select.




For example, if we select the Fashion and Shopping Lifestyle, as show above, we also have the ability to drill deeper into that lifestyle:


  • Personalities

This is the last option under the Psychographics section. There are three options available: Self Concept, Self-Concept Scales, Social, and Interactions/Opinions

  • Self-Concept 

    • How respondents perceive their personality by statements


  • Self- Concept Scales

    • How respondents perceive their personality by Scale



  • Social Interactions/Opinions

    • This factor aggregates respondent’s opinions on various choices and behaviors. 





Any questions, contact your Cubeyou rep!