Influencers on social media have such large followings, Cubeyou added a whole new tab dedicated to them. In the INFLUENCERS tab you can now search for politicians, entrepreneurs, singers and many more.

As always, you can type the name of the Influencer you are researching directly into the Target bar. You will also see the genre this individual is categorized as, and the projected total audience of US consumers engaging with this Influencer.

If the individual you are researching does not appear, please submit a request with the applicable Facebook and Twitter link, so Cubeyou can add the influencer into the platform (active customers only).


You can research an entire Influencer genre to get a sense of the total audience's psychographics and interests. Applying demographic or interest filters to these large audiences can provide great market insights for capturing engagement.

The drop-down of influencer categories can help you quickly navigate to the applicable genre you need to research. Please note that Athlete's & Sports Teams along with Singers & Bands each have sub-categories.

Once you have selected your target, click "Analyze" at the bottom of your screen to access insights on that target.