The Influencers tab in Cubeyou is dedicated solely to showing you the influencers that your audience has the most engagement with. Simply analyze your target, and then go directly to the “Influence” tab to find a breakdown of the most popular celebrities that your audience has an affinity for:


You will be able to pick from 17 overall genres and subgenres of influencers:

  • Actors and Directors

  • Artists

  • Athletes & Sports Teams

    • Individual Sports

      • 15 subgenres

    • Team Sports

      • 7 subgenres

  • Chefs

  • Comedians

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Fictional Characters

  • Models

  • News Personalities

  • Online Celebrities

  • Other Famous People

  • Photographers

  • Politicians

  • Religious People

  • Singers & Bands

    • 17 subgenres

  • Television Stars

  • Writers

Having Influencers in their own distinct tab will enable easier accessibility to finding the right endorsers for your brand. Additionally, all insights, including influencers have the “path” directly under them, so you can find out the exact break out of where that insight lives under.

In the case above, we have selected the “Top” Influencers and we can see that the top three influencers Online celebrities, television stars, and Writers/TV Stars.

To remove the path, simply go to the “Edit” (pencil) tab on the right hand corner and turn the Label setting to “Off”