With this new Cubeyou function you can now link multiple psychographic traits or interests with different operators, so combine AND & OR in your selection. The key to properly set up your target with complex boolean operators is the order of the variables you select to build up your target.

Let’s make an example to simplify.

Example: We want to select people interested in two different groups of tv shows, fantasy and crime. You will have to type them in the correct order on Cubeyou, here is how to do it:

1) Start typing in the first group of tv shows, the fantasy shows that will be automatically all in OR

2) Once you are done type in the first title from the second group of tv shows then click on it, a drop down will appear. Click on the “NEW()” symbol 

3) This will allow you to include the title in a new group of tv shows and start adding the other missing titles that will be automatically included in the second parenthesis.

You can do the same thing also with psychographic traits, as you can see if the example below

Just make sure you select the interests or psychographic traits you want to include in the correct order, starting from the first group and then adding the parenthesis as soon as you have typed in the fist item you want to include in the second group.