Just like demographics and psychographics, the Interests tab starts with a useful summary of the products, services, and media sources your audience engages with.

The summary includes both product categories and specific brands. The green bars in the charts show you the interests that have a positive affinity with your audience, while the red bars show you the ones that have a negative affinity. 

To learn more about a specific interest category you can click on “see more about this topic” to visit the specific section.

You can also leverage the menu in the left side of the platform to select the interest category you’d like to focus on. Interest in Cubeyou are broken down in 2 sections:

  • Media: all the media properties your audience is interested in such as apps, magazines, movies, tv shows, tv channels, radios and websites

  • Products & Services: types of products & services and brands that your audience loves from apparel to transportation. 

Each of these two sections are then broken down in:

  • Summary: you can find a summary specifically for the media section and one for the products & services section. 

  • Top: this section contains data showing the top media and products for the audience across all media genres and categories.

  • Genres: this section contains a table and chart with the favorite media/people/product genres for your target audience

After these three sections you will see a list of all the genres for media or products, just click on the one you’d like to explore to open it up. 

Each media and product summary has a Top and Genre section. For example, if you are exploring the magazines section you can choose among the following data:

  • Top Magazines: your audience’s favorite magazines overall

  • Genres: the types of magazines your audience prefers, for example Teen Interests magazine.

  • When a user clicks on a Magazine Genre to explore, for example Food, the top magazines in that genre will display.


All the summaries, charts and tables can be downloaded in PDF,  PPT, XLS, or a shareable HTML link, by clicking on the download icon.