Just as the demographic information, the psychographic insights also opens up with a summary combining the main lifestyle and personality traits for your target audience.

The summary starts with a chart about your audience’s Top Lifestyles that are a great starting point to understand where you’ll have to further deep dive. For example if your audience is over-indexing (Affinity>1) for Food Lovers, you should definitely have a look at the other food lifestyle traits and also at food brands and media. The data in all the psychographic section is always ordered by Affinity to give you an understanding of what’s really distinctive and unique about your audience.

All these graphs show you where your audience is over or under-indexing by affinity. The green bars show you the traits that have a positive Affinity with your target, while the red bars are the traits that have a low Affinity with your target. In the example above we can see how people interested in Cheetos like to snack and get food to go rather than cook their own meal (Home-Chefs have a lower affinity). To get a full overview of also the Reach percentages for the different lifestyle traits, click on “See more about this topic”

Below, at the end of the summary you can find a chart and table showing the target’s Big Five personality traits.

Once you have a good overview of your target audience in the summary section you can leverage the menu in the left side bar to deep dive in the lifestyles or personality aspects you want to explore.