When you first click "Analyze" after selecting your target audience, you will be brought directly to the insights section of the platform. This section open with the OVERVIEW that is really useful to get a quick snapshot of your audience in only a few seconds. 

Here is how the overview is created:

- Demographics: traits with the best reach-affinity balance within your target

- Psychographics: psychographic traits with the best reach-affinity balance within your audience

- Top Interest Categories: Highest affinity?

- Top Interests: top 350 interests and influencers by Reach, ordered by Affinity Index

You can download this section with 1 click in multiple formats or add it to one of your custom summaries (add link to custom summary article)

Once you got a first overview of your audience you can start diving in the details and getting a more deeper understanding of your target. The insights section is broken down into 6 areas:

While Insights give you an overview of your audience over the last 365 days, you can also focus on trends to discover brands, media and celebrities that are trending among your audience over the last month, quarter or semester. Click here for an in depth explanation of this section. 

Each insight section opens up with a dynamic summary combining the most relevant traits for the audience. So the summary charts will be different for example of you are looking at a beauty brand's audience rather than a sports team fans. 

The summaries are a combination of charts, if you’d like a more in depth view of a specific trait, you have two options

  • Click on “See more about this topic”

  • Use the menu in the left side bar to access the specific data point you want to analyze. Click on the 3 lined icon

Then you will see the full categories list, in a clearer, user friendly mode and click on the data point you want to focus on.


For each section you have 3 download options:

  • Download the summary: simply click on the download button on the top right of the summary and choose the download format (PDF, XLS, PPT, HTML)

  • Download the specific data point: one you are looking at a specific data point, click on the download symbol and you'll have the option to download the table and chart you are visualizing. You can download not only in PPT, PDF and HTML like for the summary, but also the IMAGE in SVG, PNG or JPG

  • Save the table/chart to a custom summary and then download the summary once you have collected all the data points you need. If you click on the star beside each table or graph within Cubeyou, you can save that specific data point to a new or existing custom summary. 

Go to the Demographic, Psychographic, Interest or Influencer Insights sections for an in depth explanation of the data points illustrated in each section.