This section allows you to select a target based on the brands, products, services, media and celebrities the audience is interested in. 

The calculation of interest is based on social engagement, this means your target has been actively engaging on social channels with these brands. For a full methodology, explanation click here.

There are two ways to select an audience based on interest:

1) INTEREST TAB: Once you click on the interest tab a list of all the brands, products and services available on Cubeyou will appear.

Use the drop-down menu to browse the different interests and explore each category:

  • Media

  • Products & Services

Use the drop-down menu to pick the category or subcategory you want to explore.

  • To select an interest category click on “Genres” in the menu. For example, if you want to select people interested in Comedies your selection will be Media>Movies>Genres from the drop-down menu

Once the genres appear click on “Comedy Films” from the list

  • To select a specific brand name or explore all the interests within a category, just select the category where the interest falls. 

A list of all the brands included in the category will appear. You can then pick from the list the brand you’d like to use for your research by clicking on the item. The selected interest will appear in the search bar.

The Size number indicates the number of people who have that interest in the American population.

2) SEARCH BAR: just type the name of the brand/media/celebrity you want to select and a drop-down menu will appear with all the results that answer your search, just click on the one you want to select.

If the brand is not in the platform no worries! Click on the “Add it now” button and fill in the information about the brand you want to add ( Facebook and Twitter link are enough). 

A customer service representative will get back to you as soon as it has been added.

You can add as many brands as you need for your research. Click "Analyze" at the bottom of the screen to view insights on your target.