Cubeyou’s psychographic traits include lifestyles and personality traits. To select an audience based on their psychographic traits, click on the psychographics tab and then use the dropdown menu to select a range of lifestyles and/or personality traits.

Within the personalities section you can select either the Big Five personality traits, or the type of content the target prefers based on their personality. 


The personality calculation in Cubeyou is based on the Big Five Personality Model that identifies 5 dimensions that make up each person’s personality. For each dimension Cubeyou allows you to choose two opposite personality traits:

  • Extraversion

    • Outgoing/Energetic

    • Solitary/Reserved

  • Agreeableness

    • Friendly/Compassionate 

    • Analytical/Detached

  • Conscientiousness

    • Efficient/Organized

    • Easy-going/Careless

  • Neuroticism

    • Sensitive/Nervous

    • Secure/Confident

  • Openness to experience

    • Inventive/Curious

    • Consistent/Cautious

Click here for a full description of the Big Five model and a definition of each trait.