Cubeyou’s psychographic traits include lifestyles and personality traits. To select an audience based on their psychographic traits, click on the psychographics tab and then use the dropdown menu to select either lifestyles or personalities. 


Lifestyles describe people’s passions and how they enjoy spending their time, including traits such as Music Lovers or Outdoor Enthusiasts. Lifestyles in Cubeyou include:

  • General Lifestyles: 24 traits that cover different areas from Entertainment to Health topics

    • Entertainment Junkies

    • Politically Active

    • Sports Enthusiasts

    • Music Lovers

    • Celebrity Fans

    • Food Lovers

    • Fashion Lovers

    • Readers

    • Beauty and Wellness Aware

    • Motor Lovers

    • Pet Lovers

    • Gamers

    • Home Decorators & DIYs

    • Travelers

    • Design Lovers

    • Money Savers

    • Netizens

    • Business People

    • Art Appreciators

    • Outdoor Enthusiasts

    • Party Goers

    • Health Conscious

    • Nerds

    • Gamblers

Just click on Top Lifestyles in the drop down menu to access this section and a list of traits will appear. Hover on the ? symbol beside each trait to get a complete definition.

  • 13 deep dives: lifestyle traits that are more focused on specific areas. For example Food Lovers is a Top Lifestyle trait but in the deep dive, you can select a more specific behavior and understand if they are into healthy food, snacks, cooking or drinking.

Deep dives cover the following areas:

  • Advertising

  • Beauty and Wellness

  • Entertainment

  • Fashion

  • Food

  • Gaming

  • Motors

  • Music

  • Politics

  • Reading

  • Sport 

  • Tech

  • Web

To learn how lifestyle traits are calculated and get a full description of each trait just click on this link.


You can also search for lifestyle traits by typing them directly in the target bar.

When you select the trait, be sure that it falls in the Psychographics section.