When building your target on Cubeyou, you can create an audience based solely on their demographic characteristics.

Or, you can add demographic traits to brands and psychographic traits that you have already selected.

You can leverage 3 types of demographic variables in the platform:

Just click on the name of the demographic section you want to use and all the variables included in that section will appear on your screen. 

1) BASIC Demographic traits include:

To select a trait, just click on it and all your selection will display in the target bar.

You can also select a custom age range if the preset ranges don’t fit your needs. You can add multiple custom age ranges. 

2) LOCATION traits include:

Just type in the name of the state or metro area you want to focus on and select it from the drop down menu. You can also directly click on the state you want to select in the map.

3) HOME AND WORK traits include: 

Just type in a language you want to select or click on the other traits you want to select, such as filtering by employment status.


You can also search for demographic traits by typing them directly in the target bar

When you select the trait be sure it falls in the Demographics section.