MRI Target Selection in Cubeyou.

  • Consumption

How do I focus on MRI consumption data in Cubeyou: 

  1. Start in the Cubeyou Homepage

    1. Go to the “Consumption” section where you will find two umbrella categories you can search by:

2) Select the specific category type you’d like to include in your target.

  • Media

    • We have 6 genres of media you can delve into and sub genres under each of those categories:

  • Products & Services

    • Cubeyou has 17 consumption genre’s you can choose from and within those genres, there are sub genres you can further segment by:sub genres you can further segment by:ub genres you can further segment by:sub genres you can further segment by:

As an example, if you were to delve into the “Food Products” Consumption category, you will be brought to various genres of Food products you can search by: Example below:

With Cubeyou it is not necessary to have to search by a brand, but you can search by interest categories as well. The example above would be analyzing an audience that eats Candy/snacks.

However, you also have the ability to get as granular as needed, so if you’d like to select a specific type of candy rather that the category in general, simply type it into the target bar, or search under the candy/snacks category:

The level of granularity available in Cubeyou allows you to pick virtually any type of audience you’d like to dig deeper insights into:

Contact a Cubeyou rep if you need inspiration on how to build a certain target combining MRI data!