Steps to building a custom fusion dashboard

For this article- we’ll focus on how you can combine Cubeyou social insights with MRI consumption, purchasing, and viewing behavior. This will allow for a stronger value proposition by being able to incorporate real time social behavior with verified purchase behavior. 

  • Select a target and click the Analyze button

  • Once in the target overview, navigate to the “Summaries” tab

  •  Once in the summaries page, select the first tile (+)  to create a custom dashboard 

  • New Custom Summary

    • Rename the dashboard to begin pulling insights:


  • You have many options for choosing the types of data you’d like to add to your dashboard. For example, you can start with demographics, as shown below, and pick 2-3 variables you’d like to see included. Simply click the drop down menu under demographics, and select the points, then save.


  • The interest tab will show you all of the Cubeyou data based on social engagements of your audience. You will have 3 overall category genres, and if you work your way through the filters, you can get even deeper into the types of data under the general category. For example, you can look at top apps, specifically under Media. 

    • Popular = engagements over the span of a year

    • Trending = engagements over smaller sprints of time, month, quarter, semester.

You can also pick the way you’d like your data displayed, whether in chart or table form. As shown, below, we selected the mosaic tile, to present the data, this time looking at top apps over the past month:


  • One of the biggest benefits of the fusion is being able to make your arguments and presentation stronger by combining the social engagements with purchasing and viewing behavior.

    • In the example below, we can actually see the top verified websites your target audience visits, to supplement the top apps interest that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

Repeat the steps above and make sure to select a mix of interests and consumption variables to complete your custom dashboard.

Custom Dashboard Summary Example:

If you need help building a custom dashboard or would like a walk through of the steps, contact your Cubeyou rep to setup a call!