How to incorporate an MRI Psychographic in your target:

How do I add an MRI psychographic in Cubeyou?

  1. Start in the Cubeyou Homepage

  2. Go to the “Psychographics” section and select the “MRI” drop down to isolate only MRI psychographics:

Then filter by clicking “MRI” in the drop down..

  1. Select the specific sub-genre within the “MRI” psychographics you’d like to include in your target.

  • Intentions

    • These psychographics help from a predictive analytics standpoint in the sense that you can gauge your audience’s future plans. Click on the “?” next to the item to see the time period it’s referring to. 

  • Lifestyles

    • The fusion platform includes 14 MRI Lifestyle genre’s you can choose from and within those genres, there are a multitude of other attitudes/opinions/sentiments you can select.

For example, if we select the Fashion and Shopping Lifestyle, we also have the ability to drill deeper into this lifestyle:

  • Personalities

    • This is the last option under the Psychographics section. There are two options available, you can choose to analyze the Activities and Source questions.

  • Activities

    • To analyze based on actions that individuals enjoy and take

  • Source Questions

    • To analyze similar and dissimilar attitudes, specifically for those individuals that feel very strongly towards the topic mentioned

Any questions, contact your Cubeyou rep!