How to incorporate an MRI Psychographic in your target:

How do I add an MRI psychographic in Cubeyou?

  1. Start in the Cubeyou Homepage

  2. Go to the “Psychographics” section to isolate only psychographics:

Then filter by clicking “MRI” in the drop down.

  1. Select the specific sub-category within the “MRI” psychographics you’d like to include in your target.

  • Statements

    • Many categories include a statements sub-category. From here you can pick a statement to filter by and select those who agree or disagree with that statement. 

For example, I could analyze those who are willing to pay more for a product that is environmentally safe:

  • Values

    • Statements can also be filtered by value. Use the value sub-category to view statements by level of agreement. I can choose to look at all values by choosing "top."

  • Some categories include sub-categories that are specific to that genre. For example, "Watching TV" includes sub-categories for "How often watched," "How prefer to watch," and "Learn about new programs."

Any questions, contact your Cubeyou rep!