Content creators often struggle to identify ways to properly narrow down their purpose. Many find themselves asking, “how can I hit the right audience?”. Thankfully, with Cubeyou, you can easily generate great ideas about your target audience once you learn how to read the insights and maneuver through the platform. 

Let’s say FAGE has hired you to create a new commercial for their line of original yogurt and they hope to reach their largest general audience of potential consumers most likely to buy their yogurt. For this reason, you will analyze this brand as a whole, without variables to see what you find about the majority of consumers. 


Select FAGE as your target and click analyze. You’ll be brought to the summary page where you’ll be given the top demographics, psychographics and interests for your audience. 

The summary is a quick and easy way to visualize who your average consumer is for your target audience. 

Here, it looks like your target audience for FAGE are women 45-55 in the northeast. They tend to be beauty and wellness aware, food lovers, and like crafts, especially home projects which explains why they also identify as inventive and curious! Additionally, because they’re food lovers, their top interests are food related, which also makes sense seeing as FAGE is a food item. 

Now that we have a snapshot of our target audience in mind, let’s proceed to the dashboard center.


The dashboard center is a fantastic feature that will save you time on research for various projects, depending what your objective is. Click on the “Dashboards” tab to the far right of the summary screen. You’ll see a variety of pre-built dashboards for your choosing. Each dashboard encompasses pre-selected charts and tables about your target audience for that specific use-case. Click on “Content Creation” under the section labeled “Activity dashboards”. 

This dashboard encompasses psychographic and interest information, from lifestyles and personalities, to top and trending media, influencers and products and services, which are ideally the topics you want to dive into when you are trying to create content that is memorable and relatable. 


The first thing you’ll see in the dashboard are psychographics, ordered by highest to lowest affinity, which tells you what is most distinctive of your target audience. The psychographics are a good way to gauge how your audience thinks and the type of lifestyle they follow. You can identify the ones that are most relevant to your product, and which psychographics would convey a clear and relatable message. 

For example, the top five psychographics are Beauty and Wellness, Health Conscious, Home Decorators & Diys, Money Savers, and Food Lovers, which all tell you the type of audience your audience is collectively, but which of those psychographics does your commercial want to target? Which of them can your product (FAGE) best convince will help them fulfill those lifestyles? 

It seems like the top 3 are Beauty and Wellness Aware, Health Conscious, and Food Lovers that are most relevant and applicable to our product.

  • Beauty and Wellness Aware: these people like to keep beauty and health top of mind. They don't mind spending part of their budget on beauty products, or reading about beauty trends in magazines.They are interested in oral, skin, hair and body care, but it doesn't necessarily mean they physically practice fitness.

→ Those that are interested in FAGE are 3.18 times more Beauty and Wellness Aware than the average American. If you look at the reach, 43% of the FAGE audience actually identifies as being Beauty and Wellness Aware, or follows this lifestyle. 

  • Health Conscious: these people are concerned about their health and seek health products that can alleviate any ailment that comes their way.

→ Those that are interested in FAGE are 3.08 times more Health Conscious than the average American, and 15% of the FAGE audience actually are Health Conscious. 

  • Food Lovers: Food makes them happy. Many of their activities surround food: surfing the web, shopping, going out, cooking. Most interests tend to be food related for these people. 

→ While this group of people are ranked 5th in affinity, a score of 2.09 shows that our target is two times more likely to be a Food Lover than the average American. Also, the reach is considerably high at 55% so we should keep them in mind as part of our target audience.

Now that we have narrowed down the psychographics that FAGE can best appeal to, how can we attribute FAGE to being a Beauty and Wellness enhancer, a positive Health Conscious decision, as well as a delicious food choice all around? And particularly, how can we speak to and increase the percentage of Health Conscious people in this audience? 

Let’s scroll down on the dashboard to see what we find. 

Notice that for top and trending media, this audience likes talent shows, talk shows, and food-related media such as the Food Network and 12 Tomatoes, which aligns well with the Food Lovers psychographic. In addition, this audience has a high affinity for Chefs, who also seem to be trending positively by 20% this past quarter, which suggests that your audience will respond positively to that type of influencer or a character who enjoys cooking. 

The Top Influencers tell you who your audience is usually interested in, while the Trending Influencers tell you who they’ve been more interested in over smaller sprints of time (month, quarter, semester). You can monitor changes in your audience's interests to determine how they are affected by things like a new show on Netflix, a new product launch, or even a celebrity scandal! 

This information is especially useful in choosing or developing the correct character that connects best with your audience. 

By affinity, the products and services genres properly reflect interests that align with the psychographics of your audience, which is good, but remember to also order by reach to see what your audience actually takes interest in or spends time engaging with. For example, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Food & Drink scored the highest reach here, but it is interesting that Social Issues and Values is second at 93%, especially with an affinity below 1. Although this audience is less interested in this topic compared to the average American, we are still able to assume that the majority is still passionate about Social Issues and Values, hence why should always order by both reach and affinity as a form of checks and balances. 

Click on Social Issues and Values to peel off another layer, you’ll see the various types of categories within this genre. 

Not surprisingly, Health Non-Profits is listed first. Since your audience is health conscious, we can already infer that they would engage with topics of similar nature. But, Environment Organizations and Family and Relationships are two points that reveal another layer of this audience’s interests. How is FAGE a solution to their Environmental or Family and Relationship concerns? It seems that this audience engages with mommy-communities indicating that they have children or are family oriented. 


Let’s summarize what we found! Remember that in the beginning we got a rough idea of who our average FAGE consumers were based on the summary page. Let’s add the points we found and see what kind of message we can send to this audience! 

They are…





Beauty and Wellness Aware

Health Conscious

Food Lovers

→ particularly enjoys food shows, channels, websites

Influencers: Chefs

Passions: Family & Relationships

→ 25% of the FAGE audience is family and relationship oriented and particularly interested in mom-related topics 

Based on the above information, we can infer that this audience is beauty and wellness aware, health conscious, likes chefs, and takes a higher interest in health, beauty, and food are more likely to consume fage if they know that fage can improve their health and beauty. Additionally, since they are passionate about family and relationships, we can also convey that this is something that they should be feeding their family as well for their health and beauty. 

In the video example provided below, FAGE worked with Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef who endorses  FAGE because they are the “real deal” and the #1 yogurt in Greece. From an insights perspective, this commercial would appeal to those in our audience who are health conscious and also have an affinity for chef influencers. Additionally, FAGE dedicates a page on their website to Nutrition, where they include information about the ingredients and their nutritional benefits, which is additional information that would appeal to the health conscious, beauty and wellness aware, and food lover audience.