Often a research or marketing project is more complicated than simply analyzing one brand’s social media presence. There is always a potential need to target a specific profession, lifestyle trait or trending topic that is not easily defined with basic demographic filters. By harnessing the power of Facebook and Twitter, users can build a targeted search around multiple categories that the intended audience likely follows. Let's see how leveraging Cubeyou, an innovative social media research tool, can help in this scenario. Creativity is frequently needed to successfully build targeted comparisons to truly analyze what the American population is interested in and how those interests change over time.

While in the brainstorming phase of targeting a specific audience, review the following list of creative ideas for isolating insightful data that will provide great marketing channels for your brand. For this example, let’s say we are trying to target teachers and the education community.

1. Group brands with smaller social followings to build a statistically significant audience

Startup and regional brands generally have less engagement on social media platforms, but have the capabilities to distribute products and services nationally. By adding competing brands throughout the country to one targeted search, analysts can get a sense of the national breakdown of the marketing opportunities within the industry. When projected audiences are less than 50,000 in size, engagement can misrepresent the potential customer base on a national level. If 10 brands of that size are grouped together and analyzed, the overall opportunities across the industry will be quickly recognized.

If we are attempting to attract individuals with the profession of teachers, grouping educational publishers together into a larger audience should present insightful analytics. To find publishers within Cubeyou, navigate to Interests → Products & Services → Books & Literature → Publishers. By selecting six of the top educational publishers, an audience of two million consumers forms.

2. Group top university programs together to research a certain profession or lifestyle

Top ranked university programs draw significant engagement from prospective students, active students and professionals interested in their research publishings. This allows Cubeyou users to target categories such as business executives, entrepreneurs, educators and more. Targeting an audience in this manner will reveal unique insights about a specific community from an educational perspective. Top business administration graduate and undergraduate programs provide an accurate look into entrepreneurial and business-minded individuals. Top education graduate and undergraduate programs can provide insights to teachers, professors and school administrators from elementary to doctorate level. Capturing engagement at the collegiate level can create long lasting buying patterns and great brand relationships between consumers and corporations.

To find university programs within Cubeyou, navigate to Interests → Products & Services → Jobs & Education → Education. Four of the top education graduate programs create an audience size of over seven hundred thousand consumers.  

3. Group famous influencers together that share a common profession or theme

Facebook and Twitter’s popularity has grown exponentially through celebrity and influencer content. Never before has the public had such instantaneous access to an individual’s thoughts, emotions and stories. Regardless of the topic or industry, there are countless people with massive social followings constantly engaging within their expertise. Grouping multiple influencers together from one category can provide accurate data about the topic at hand. Whether it is mom’s cooking healthy food for their family, or a panel of celebrity chefs, you can successfully market a food-related brand by matching your product’s social engagement to the greater population. Readers follow famous authors, sports enthusiasts follow famous players, yoga lovers follow famous instructors and so on. There is always a method to target a group based on the influential individuals that are spokespeople for the industry as a whole.

Famous teachers and college professors can be found in Cubeyou under Interests → People & Organizations → Other Famous People. With hundreds of thousands to millions in audience size, these famous influencers can be used to build a very large panel focused around teachers.

4. Group non-profit and advocacy organizations that stand for a common cause

Facebook and Twitter quickly became platforms for grassroots efforts in attracting individuals to stand for a common cause. Hundred of thousands of nonprofit organizations and activists are instantly able to share content to their followers, and engage with industries they are attempting to amend. Whether it’s a DC-based organization lobbying government, or a union representing an entire workforce, media and messages presented from these organizations constantly go viral across the web. Shares, hashtags and mentions showcase the trends and emotions of the American consumer and exact policy changes they’d like to see occur. From religious groups to environmental advocacy, any topic or passion the public has can be analyzed through a combined audience on Cubeyou. Through a Facebook or Google search, researchers can build a list of influential voices within the spectrum of powers that currently represent the topic at large. Any Facebook or Twitter page with active engagement can quickly be grouped and analyzed for marketing and channel insights. Educational based social organizations can be found under Interests → Products & Services → Social Issues & Values → Other. Five of the largest educational advocacy organizations create an audience size of over eight hundred thousand consumers.

5. Group popular websites and blogs that pertain to a single topic or interest

Between the rise of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and especially Wordpress, anyone can become a famous blogger, vlogger or otherwise influential persona by self-publishing engaging content. Whether it’s just a few thousand followers or a few million, individuals can become respected sources of information with a weekly blog. Cooking, health, exercise, fashion, gaming and technology recommendations are just a few of the infinite categories that blogs can cover. By grouping multiple websites and blogs together, a snapshot of an industry or trending topic can be depicted within Cubeyou. Utilizing the verified account filter through the Facebook search tool is a great way for researching high engagement, influential pages. Plenty of educational blogs can be found under Interests → Media → Websites → Education & Culture

By combining up to three of any of these strategies in one Cubeyou search, users can cross compare audiences known to follow the topic at hand. Shown below are the demographic results from three of the examples pertaining to our educator audience. Since the analytics for all three groups follow similar trends, we are confident it's an effective way of targeting our desired audience. Any media source, popular influencer, brand, product or service that shows a high affinity across all three groups is a great opportunity for gaining the engagement of your target audience. New brands, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts rise in popularity everyday, the more research and brands added into the Cubeyou platform, the more powerful the analytics become. Please reach out to your Cubeyou specialist or support@cubeyou.com anytime about questions on building audiences or new brand additions!