Local and national event advertising can provide an engaging experience for potential and current consumers to connect with a brand and its ambassadors. Once the specific event has been selected for event sponsorship, the brand should optimize all available opportunities for ensuring the event is a success. One available tool we can use to further analyze the event audience is Cubeyou, the first American consumer affinity study based on social data. Staying with the theme from our previous Sponsoring Live Events post, let’s take a quick look at the largest music event audiences.

With the largest audience size by far, let’s use the Luke Bryan Farm Tour as our event sponsorship opportunity. When this brand is added to a Cubeyou search target, we can quickly analyze the demographics and lifestyle traits of the greater than two million consumers audience.

Which demographics and lifestyle traits of the event audience have the highest social engagement?

Out of the 2.6 million US consumers socially engaging with the Luke Bryan Farm Tour, higher concentrations of specific demographic and lifestyle traits exists within our audience. These “over-indexing” traits feature the main audience you will reach by sponsoring the event.

Southern white females with children and a high school education are the most common demographic within the Luke Bryan Farm Tour audience. Finding unique ways to attract these individuals to the sponsored booth will provide the great return compared to other demographics. Not only do we understand who engages and attends this music event, but how they prioritize their time and decisions. Reviewing top psychographics informs us that the audience is into money saving deals, beauty and wellness initiatives, home improvement, fashion accessories and of course music! The demographics and psychographics of the audience paint the picture of how to format the event sponsorship to ensure the highest return on investment.   

What marketing channels are effective in capturing pre and post event social engagement?

Now that we have selected the specific event to sponsor, we need to capitalize on opportunities before and after the event in order for the brand’s messaging to really resonate with the event audience. If we use Cubeyou to target just that event’s audience, we can analyze other online media sources the audience seeks out for content. Pre and post event advertisements in those sources will increase engagement at the event and maintain the conversation after the event has ended. With Luke Bryan Farm Tour as the search target, users can view top media sources by category on the Cubeyou Interests page. Navigating with the category dropdown, a media buying plan can quickly be built based on the top affinities.  

How are you collecting data and incentivizing engagement during the event?

No matter how much preparation is done for an event, actual day-of execution will shape if the event is selected in the future for repeat sponsorship. As much data as possible needs to be collected in order to validate whether or not the marketing channels were effective. Gathering email addresses for a newsletter list will give the brand a method to instantly reach their newly engaged crowd. If the newsletter list amounts to ten thousand or more, it can be uploaded to Cubeyou for rapid analysis. Rewarding Facebook and Twitter follows and check-ins will also empower the Cubeyou platform with more insights into your audience. The more digital engagement created at the event sponsorship location, the greater the chance of retaining these individuals as long term customers for your brand.

Is your brand matching the emotional sentiment of the event audience?

Lastly, while creating collateral for the event it is important to check what emotional sentiment and trending hashtags the event audience is engaging with. By mimicking a similar messaging style, the audience will see that brand as closely aligned with their interests, improving the chances of making future purchases. Within the newest Cubeyou release, top hashtags and emojis can easily be viewed for any target audience.  

With a before, during, and after event strategy for capturing engagement of the audience, your brand will be better prepared to maximize the return on investment. If you can answer all of the above questions by using the Cubeyou platform effectively, time spent on event planning will decrease while brand engagement increases. Between the basic and advanced strategies for event sponsorship planning, Cubeyou is an incredibly helpful tool for discovering top affinities between audiences and events.