Sponsoring live events provides excellent marketing opportunities for brands to closely connect with a target audience. It allows a brand to mimic the same passions as the attendees, without the sense of an obtrusive or salesly environment. Prior to selecting a specific event, social media research can determine which event genres will best attract the desired audience. Cubeyou, can determine the affinity between a target audience and upcoming live events. Marketing executives can answer the following questions within Cubeyou to determine if an event will provide the atmosphere to cultivate new brand relationships.

How do I build a target audience for my new brand?

A new line of ice cream is launching and requires creative strategies to increase awareness. Individuals who are already digitally engaging with ice cream brands are the most likely consumers to purchase from a new brand. Existing brands with high social engagement will serve as the primary target audience for the new line of ice cream. For other ideas building target audiences, review this guide.

With a large audience size of over eight million, our ice cream panel is ready to analyze. Adding each brand into the Cubeyou targeted search sums up the entire audience while only counting individuals who engage with multiple brands once.

Which genres of live events is your target audience engaging with?

Live events are one of the most popular sources of entertainment today and there are multiple categories within Cubeyou to represent the varying genres. You can find events on the Cubeyou platform by navigating to Interests --> Products & Services --> Recreational Activities --> Events --> Genres. Comparing Cubeyou’s three engagement metrics (Reach, Penetration and Affinity) across each genre will allow executives to narrow down events that would effectively attract the target audience. 

  • Reach represents the percentage of the ice cream audience that also engages with that event genre. 

  • Penetration represents the percentage of the event genre audience that also engages with the target ice cream brands. 

  • Affinity represents how much the ice cream audience engages with the event genre compared to the average consumer.

Music events showcase the best relationship with the ice cream audience across all three engagement metrics. Although comic events have a slightly higher affinity and penetration, the reach is very small making music events the primary genre to target first.

Which events within a genre have the highest social engagement for your audience?

Music events and festivals provide an open environment for attendees to move around to multiple stages, rather than being confined to a single auditorium. With a sponsored tent, signs advertising ice cream are sure to please the attending crowd. By looking up popular music events and festivals in Cubeyou, marketers can specifically target the ice cream audience.

The top ten music events by affinity are showing high penetrations within the ice cream audience. Greater than 18% of the engaged Mountain Winery Concerts audience is also engaging with the ice cream brand group. Live music events generally occur in warmer locations during the spring or summer, with thousands of individuals in one area, a tent providing ice cream could attract many for a minute to enjoy a frozen treat.

Which lifestyle traits are common between the two targeted audiences?

To begin strategizing exactly how the sponsored ice cream tent will look and feel, comparing the lifestyle traits of the two audiences will prove beneficial. If the brand’s messaging matches the lifestyle traits of each audience, event attendees will form a stronger bond with the new sponsor.

Lifestyle traits, or psychographics, allow marketers to get inside the head of their target audience. Understanding what the audience is passionate about and how they make decisions will benefit sponsors greatly by curating content towards those specific affinities. With the group above it will be important to concentrate efforts on:

  • Showcasing the all-natural ingredients of the ice cream and the health benefits of avoiding competitors with artificial additives

  • Offering free ice cream for a Facebook follow or check-in may attract those Money Savers who love coupons and special offers

  • Labeling with unique graphics to help remind the Art Appreciators attendees next time they are looking through the freezer section

Answering these basic sponsorship questions will ensure any event will successfully increase the social engagement of your brand with the event audience. Understanding your target audience, the overlap with the event audience, and the shared passions of total group are crucial research steps for any event sponsorship. Once the specific event and engaging audience have been scrutinized, more in-depth questions can be asked and researched to establish an impactful and lasting event partnership.