Smart marketers know that what makes influencers so powerful is niche-based content. This is content that is made for and consumed by a very specific segment of people, and if, as a marketer, you want to reach that segment, finding a key influencer is a highly effective way to do it.

Many, though not all, of these niche-based content producers are bloggers and vloggers who are carving out their own, ever-narrowing niches. These influencers might publish in  areas like parenting, cooking, fitness, fashion or entertainment, but they can also be segmented further to reach even more specific audiences like parents of teens, pet lovers, techies, nerds, home-chefs and so on.

Unless your target is a totally homogeneous niche, inside your target demographic live many smaller clusters which, once surfaced, give you the opportunity to place your advertising dollars where they’ll be most relevant.

Today, we’ll learn how to surface the niches hiding in your target audience and how to efficiently engage them by finding the most relevant influencers.

Let’s go.


We’re going to continue our work on Gen Z Male Snapchatters. You might think this is already a niche or an homogeneous segment. Wait and see how our segmentation algorithms will spot opportunities to better serve your target audience and maximize the results

Select the target audience you want and press analyze.

Now that you’ve entered in the analysis area click on the advanced sidebar on the right to enter into the advanced analysis mode.

The advanced analysis mode comes with an “audience summary” showing “high-level” characteristics defining your audiences, followed by an in-depth overlook of your target’s top interests.

Just below the target’s top affinities section, you will find the segmentation area.

The segmentation function creates between 3 and 10 segments based on shared traits and interests. To start segmenting your target, press the button Start Segmentation.

Inside, the Gen Z Male Snapchatters have been identified in 4 different clusters.

For each cluster, we see the number of people in the cluster as well as the reach (the percentage of the target audience encompassed by that segment).

Scroll just below the segmentation summary to reach the segments overview.

Here, you can see the defining traits of the clusters identified.

If you wish to rename the segment, just click on the name of it and insert the name you prefer.

Here are the 4 clusters composing the Gen Z Male Snapchatters target:

        White Males

        Living in the South region

        Sports Enthusiasts and Motor lovers

        All about entertainment (Entertainment Junkies)

        Love Social Networking and NBA memes

        White Males

        Living in the North East region

        Love gaming and technology

        Entertainment junkies, they follow pop stars 

        Love reading satirical, ironic and infotainment content

        White Males

        Living in the West region

        Hardcore Gamers

        Interested in computer hardware (for gaming)

        Love munchies and fast foods

        Afro American Males

        Living in the South region

        Motor Lovers

        They care a lot about their cars

        Love Action & Adventure movies


Now that we’ve identified the niches composing our target audience, let’s go spotting the best influencers for each one of them.

To analyze a cluster, just press on the analyze button under the segment overview or select the segment you wish to analyze from the segment list and click on analyze segments.

Once in the analysis section, you can choose to use either the endorser & sponsorship dashboard or enter the advanced mode.

Since we’ve already talked about targeting influencers with the Cubeyou Dashboards in the first and second chapters of the serie, let’s go see how is it possible to target influencers in the advanced analysis mode.

The first segment we’re going to analyze is Segment 1. Click on the menu icon on the top left of the screen to open the navigation menu.

Click on “Interests -> People & Organizations -> Genres” to get an overview of the various influencer types favorited by this target 

Online Celebrities are followed by 92% of the audience and strike an affinity index of 1.84x.

Plenty of Online Celebrities are over indexing in this niche.

At the top of the ranking we’ve found the makeup artist James Charles with a sky-high affinity index of 242.2x

Lewis Hilsenteger, a.k.a. UnboxTherapy, is a Canadian video producer, host, technology reviewer, and Internet personality best known for his technology-based YouTube channel. He indexes at 98.2x

Bajan Canadian, know for his gameplay videos, ranks at 95.0x.

If you want to refine the results to visualize only influencers meeting certain criteria in terms of reach, penetration or affinity for your target audience, click on the wheel icon above the ranking to enter the table configuration.

Here is the resulting ranking:

And finally, we see there are 12 hyper-targeted influencers (three for each niche, chosen by affinity index) that are highly likely to boost your influencer strategy dramatically.



Breaking down your target audience and finding the right influencers with Cubeyou is pretty easy.

Now it’s your turn to uncover the niches living inside your target demographic so you can maximize your results.


Log into Cubeyou Customer Insight Suite and start building your campaign.