Influencer marketing is on the rise - and for good reason. A 2016 study conclusively showed that influencer marketing yields 11x the ROI of traditional marketing campaigns. Clearly, there is a lot of profit to be had when you partner with the right influencer. The key, however, is finding the influencer who can offer the most ROI for your investment.

That’s where we come in.

If you’ve already started to harness the power of Cubeyou’s Insight Dashboards for Influencer Targeting, good for you! (Not there yet? Let’s get you up to speed.) Now we’ll tell you how to take those insights a few steps further.

Target Comparison: How to surface audience specificities
When trying to analyze niches of a wider segment, comparing data against the “average American” can make it difficult to surface the details that are truly specific to the niche you want to target.

The solution to finding your niches’ defining influencers lies in the target comparison function.

To add another target in your analysis (up to 3 targets), click the “+” button in the target bar.

TIP: To better highlight the difference between targets, exclude the variable differentiating your niche from the rest of the segment

As you can see, we’ve excluded the Gen Z age range from the target we called “Rest of Snapchatter Males”.

When you’ve finished the target selection, click analyze to start comparing the audiences.

Smart Ordering, Faster Insights

Now that you have your targets compared, come back to the endorsers & sponsorships dashboard and start noticing the differences.

If standard charts are unclear at first glance, you can change the type with the one you prefer. Personally, I like the stacked bar chart for comparing two or more audiences.

Click on the ruler and pencil icon and then on the “wheel” icon above the chart you want to change. Choose the chart which best suits your needs and then hit save.

As you can see, Online Celebrities and Comedians are popular among Gen Zers, while slightly under-indexing for the rest of Male Snapchatters. This clearly indicates that these two types of influencers are the right choice if you want to hire hyper-targeted influencers to drive impact.

Now that we’re sure that Online Celebrities are the best fit for our niche; let’s scroll down to the Online Celebrities chart to uncover the influencers who are talking specifically to Gen Z Male Snapchatters. 

You can choose by metric and target to order the ranking. But the most useful in these cases is the Smart Ordering

Smart ordering arranges rows based first on the highest affinity difference for Target 1 compared to Target 2. 

Then the second item listed will show the highest affinity gap for Target 2 compared to Target 1, and from there it reverts back to Target 1, in an alternate pattern.

Press on the list icon on the top right above the ranking to order the items in the most efficient way. Now you can easily spot the distinctive influencers for your target.

Distinctive Gen Z Snapchatter Male Influencers

In the first post about influencer targeting with Cubeyou dashboards, we identified BigNik as the ideal influencer to engage Gen Z Male Snapchatters.

Thanks to target audience comparison and smart ordering, we took it one step further. We’ve widened our influencers spectrum and we’ve been able to spot two online celebrities who are even more relevant when targeting Gen Z Male Snapchatters.

If you want to learn how to break down your target audience in homogeneous niches and engage them with the most persuasive influencers; follow us in our advanced guide to influencer targeting with Cubeyou.


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