When influencer marketing is your task, the challenge becomes finding the right influencers with whom to partner - influencers who are uniquely able to reach your target customers and speak to them with authority. Find the right influencer, and your brand will reach the people most likely to love your product. Find the wrong influencer (and there are so many!), and you’re wasting precious marketing dollars.

In our first guide we discussed what makes influencer marketing tick, and how you can effectively find the partners who offer the best potential ROI. Bearing those insights in mind, we’d like to show you how you can spot the right influencer for your target audience in just four simple steps with Cubeyou’s Insights Dashboards. 

Step 1: Target Selection

Once you log into the Insights Dashboard, your first task is to select your target criteria.  

Pinpoint the exact audience you're looking for by mixing demographics, psychographics, lifestyles, interests and consumption traits. You can even get hyper-local with over 10 Million panelists distributed across 950 US metro areas. 

When you’re done building your target, press analyze to start harvesting insights.

Step 2: Find the Endorsements & Sponsorships dashboard

Once you’ve selected your target, you’ll be redirected to the dashboards center. 

To get to the dashboard dedicated to influencers and endorsers, open the dropdown menu on the t op left of the central frame; select activity dashboards and click on the Endorsements & Sponsorships dashboard.

Step 3: Identify Potential Influencers

As an example, let’s try to find relevant influencers for Gen Z Male Snapchatters. The Endorsements & Sponsorships dashboard contains broad insights about influencer types and trends, along with detailed insights regarding specific influencers your target is following.

The broad information included at the top of the dashboard is useful for pointing your influencer research in the right direction by leveraging influencer types mapping and trends over the last month, quarter and semester.


Step 4: Pick the Right Influencer

Now that you have found the types of influencers who are most appropriate for your strategy, it’s time to go deep and choose the influencers who are most likely to catch the attention of your target.

For this particular audience, Online Celebrities are the right choice due to their high reach for the target (77%) and positive affinity points (1.3x). Our target is 1.3 times more interested in Online Celebrities compared to the average American population.

Now, scroll down to see the online celebrities ranking.

As you can see, a lot of online celebrities are striking high affinity points. It means this type of influencer is highly relevant to our target, but choosing the most appropriate one requires a bit of handwork. You can help yourself in the decision making process by leveraging the influencer rating cards we presented in the first blog post.

BigNik enjoys high popularity among Gen Z Male Snapchatters. Following influencer marketing rate cards, hiring him as influencer would cost $12,500 per post. Which makes the cost of reaching 1,000 people of your target audience is $20.


Cubeyou’s Dashboards are modular frameworks that allow you to edit the tiles composing the dashboards, and add rankings and graphs from Cubeyou’s Insight Suite and from third parties.

You can edit the dashboard and integrate external information by clicking the pencil and ruler icon on the top right of the dashboard.

When you’re done, click Save Dashboard As. Now the dashboard contains all the information you need. Download it in the format you prefer and share it with your team.


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