Segmentation Overview

The main benefits of segmentation is you will have the ability to divide your target in sub-groups of consumers based on shared characteristics. Cubeyou’s advanced segmentation capabilities allow you to identify, within your audience, groups of people with similar interests and passions and go beyond the traditional demographic segmentation.  

In motion

Once you selected your target and clicked on analyze you will land on a summary section that gives you a quick overview of the main demographic and psychographic information for your target plus a list of the top 50 brands by Reach ordered by Affinity. 

Below this section you’ll then find the segmentation feature.

To segment your audience, just click on the “Start Segmentation” button and, after a few seconds, a list of segments will appear.

The Segment List table shows you in how many segments your target has been broken down, how many people are included in each segment and what percentage of your target the segment represents (Reach).

If you scroll down, you will see a breakdown of each subsegments and an overview of the following insights:

  • Main demographic traits 

  • Top lifestyles 

  • Top personality traits

  • Preferred interest categories 

  • Top interests (brands, media, influencers)

Once you identified the main characteristics for each segment you can actually give each segment a name that will be saved and displayed in the segment list table.

You are also able to analyze from 1 up to 3 segments and spot similarities and differences between the segments. 

To analyze a single segment, click on the "Analyze" button below each segment overview, to analyze multiple segments use the "Compare" button to add up to 3 segments to your analysis and then click on the "Analyze Segments" button on the bottom of your screen.

A new Cubeyou tab will then open up, comparing all the segments you selected. Click here for more details about the comparison function on Cubeyou. 

Once you ran a segmentation analysis, also the segments you created will be saved in your search history, not only the main target.