Cubeyou defines interest based on engagement. A person is interested in a brand if she/he engages with the brand. But it's not so simple, Cubeyou takes 3 things into consideration:

  • Type of interaction: It's easier to like a post than to write down a comment. We track every type of interaction on Facebook and Twitter such as: likes to pages and posts, comments, shares, check-ins, mentions, tweets, re-tweet, hashtags

  • Frequency of interaction: A person that interacted 10 times is way more interested than the one that did it only once.

  • Time frame: the importance of actions performed in the last month is different from the same pattern dated 6 months ago

Once collected and weighted based on the above rules all this information falls into an algorithm that assigns to each consumer an interest score for the specific product (ex. Coca Cola). If this score is over the threshold ( more interested than average consumer ) the consumer will be selected in your search.