The Cubeyou Target Comparison will allow you to analyze up to three different brands or categories against one another to see similarities and differences.

The first step is to select the plus sign to the right of the target bar. This will allow you to add up to three total targets to compare amongst each other in one search.

You will have the ability to change the title of your targets to make it more customized:

You can also change the color of your target so that when you analyze, the dashboards appear in the color of your preference:

Once you are done selecting your target(s) click analyze as usual, to begin to look at the data pertaining to what you have selected.


 Smart Ordering:

This icon is called “smart ordering” and will only appear if you have selected two or more targets in your search. Smart ordering, orders rows based firstly on the biggest affinity difference for Target 1, compared to Target 2. Then the second item listed will show the biggest affinity for Target 2 compared to Target 1, and from there it reverts back to Target 1, in an alternate pattern. 




  1. The first row shows us the highest affinity difference for our first target, NFL Draft compared to our second target NCAA. Richard Sherman is the highest affinity difference for NFL Draft at 3.94X compared to NCAA at 1.40X

  2. The second row tells us the highest affinity difference for our second target, NCAA compared to the first target NFL. Hillary Clinton is the highest affinity difference for NCAA at 0.78X compared  to 0.50X for NFL

  3. The third row brings us back to NFL with the second highest affinity difference amongst the two targets. Charles Woodson has an affinity of 4.91X for NFL compared to 1.78X for NCAA. 

  4. Following the same alternate pattern, row 4, shows us the second highest affinity difference for the NCAA compared to the NFL Draft. Dr. Ben Carson at 0.86X compared to 0.67X for NCAA.


2) The Eye

If you click on the “eye” icon, it will remove that target from being seen on your dashboards. In this case shown below, it would remove the NCAA data points from being shown,  so that you are only looking at the data points for the NFL Draft.  


For each table you'll see a little arrow beside the target based on which the data is ordered

And an arrow beside the index that gives the order to the data

You’ll also notice that sometimes there is information listed for one brand and not the other. This just means the item listed is not an interest relevant for one of the brands. Also an easy way to see differences.