A custom table as the name suggests, is a table totally created by you, based on the items you want to benchmark with your target audience.

You can create a custom table in the “More” tab and then add it to any custom or pre-built dashboard for your analyses. 


Follow these steps to build your custom table:

1) Click on the More tab and then click on the plus sign create a new table


2) Click edit table to begin building your table


3) Type in the names of the brands and/or categories you want to include in your table


4) Click on the (+) next to the brand that you want to add. If you entered a category in the search make sure to click the drop down menu to select category instead of trait to include everything in that category. 


5) Rename the table and save it.




5) After saving, click on the pencil button to edit the custom table settings to your desire.