A custom table as the name suggests, is a table totally created by you, based on the items you want to benchmark with your target audience.

You can create a custom table in a custom dashboard or add it to an existing dashboard when you are editing it. 

Follow these steps to build your custom table:

1) Click on the edit button on the top of the dashboard 

2) Click on “Add a new Tile” to add your table

3) When you are selecting the type of data you’d like to view from the drop down menu, click on Custom Table

4) Save

5) Start typing in the names of the products/media/influencers you’d like to benchmark with your audience.

6) Edit the title to fit the content of your table

ex. Since we typed in different competitors for Nike, we are going to call our Custom Table "Competitive Benchmark"

You can add as many custom tables as you need to your dashboard with as many brands as you need for every table. These tables will be saved together with your custom dashboard.