After clicking Analyze for your selected target, you will be brought to the insights section where you will see 4 tabs: Summary, Demographics, Psychographics and Interests.

The Demographics section displays a graphical summary of the main demographic traits of your audience.

The summary is composed by multiple charts and if you want to fully explore a specific traits within the summary, just click on “See more about this topic”

This button will bring you to an in depth analysis of the trait containing a table and a chart.

You can also leverage the menu on the left side of the screen to focus on a specific section or demographic trait you want to explore. 

Open up the menu and click on the trait you need to select, the in depth section with table and chart will open up.

Through the menu, you can also access the 3 main sections that compose the demographic insights: Basic, Location and Home & Work. 

Each of these three sections have a summary to give you a graphical overview of all the traits included.



Each table shows you 3 indexes for your target: Penetration, Reach and Affinity

In the table above, you can see the gender breakdown for the target and get the following insights:

  • Reach: 68.18% of the target audience are Males

  • Penetration: 6.71% of Males in the US are interested in your target

  • Affinity: people interested in your target are 1.37 times more likely to be males.


Every chart for the demographic data shows you the distribution of your target audience compared to the distribution of the average US population. This makes it easy to understand where your audience is over or under-indexing compared to the average US population.

In the bar graph above, it’s easy to see how 13-17 and 18-24 year olds are over-indexing in our target as the target bars (reach) go up much higher than the transparent bars that represent the distribution of the average US population.