All pre-built summaries in Cubeyou can be edited. The Activity and Topic Summaries can be modified to match your exact needs.

To edit an existing summary click on the edit button to the top right of the summary.


Change the title of the summary: just click on the existing title to edit it, if you don't change the name of an Activity or Topic summary the system will automatically add "Custom" to the title, for example, "Custom- Food & Drinks"


Change the title of the tables/charts: make sure you are in the edit mode (click on pencil) and then simply rename the table/chart.

Edit charts/tables: click on the edit button on the top right of every chart, you will be brought to the settings page where you can change the data, chart, and type. Simply click on “table” to replicate edit the configurations/ remove indexes instead of the chart.



Remove charts/tables: when you are in the edit mode of the tables/charts you will see a “Delete” button on bottom right of the area, just click on it to remove your table/chart.

Add charts/tables: once you’re in the edit mode, to add a chart/table to your summary just scroll down to the end of the summary and you’ll see the “+” button so you can further add more insights. 


Once you are done with all the edits, just click on the save as button to save your summary and download it in the format you prefer: PDF, CSV/XLS, PPT or HTML.


That's it!