To build a dashboard from scratch you can either click on the + button on the top right of the dashboard section 

or use the “Add Custom Dashboard” button you can find in your custom dashboards section.

Once the blank dashboard appears on your screen, here are the steps you should follow to create it:

1) Give a name to your dashboard 

2) Click on “add a new tile” to add you first table or graph and select the data to be displayed in the chart: demographics, psychographics, interests, trends or a custom table

3) Select the specific data point, for example Psychographics>Lifestyles>Entertainment (you can’t leave the menu as “ALL”)

4) Click on chart or Table depending on the format you want to give the data. 

If you selected Chart, pick the type of chart you want to use. Each chart is built to display one or more variables, so be sure you select carefully.

5) If you selected Table, select the indexes you want to include in the table, then click on Save to add the table/chart to your dashboard. 

6) Once you saved it you are able to edit the name of the graph/chart

7) Click on “add a new tile” as many times as you need to add tables and graphs to your dashboard.

8) Click on "Sort Tiles" on the top right corner of the dashboard to change the order of the charts and graphs. Simply drag and drop them in the order that pleases you. 

9) You can also change the colors of the charts with the palette button that gives you different options for color combinations.

10) Once you are done with all the edits just click on the "Save Dashboard as" button that will allow you to save the whole dashboard you created. 

11) To download your dashboard, click on the download icon and pick the format you prefer: PDF, PPT or XLS

While you are browsing the advanced section of Cubeyou and you see a table or chart containing useful information for your dashboard just hover on the star on the top right, a list of all your custom dashboards will appear, click on the one you want to add that chart/graph to the dashboard. 

A pop up will appear when it’s done.