Summaries are a combination of data tables and charts across multiple categories to make searching for insights quicker and easier. Any chart type or data table within Cubeyou can be added to a Summary, and Summaries can easily be shared among team members. Once you have selected your target audience and click 'Analyze', you will be redirected to the 'Overview' summary page which provides a snapshot of your audience.  To navigate to the 'Summaries' click on the stacked paper icon, on the left hand corner as shown below: 

Each Summary includes a variety of tables and charts across demographics, psychographics, influencers, media and brands. Just hover over the name of the specific summary and a quick description will appear giving you an overview of what questions that summary will help you answer.


Activity Summaries provide a high-level look at your target audience and cater towards specific marketing activities you may need to accomplish. For example, if you have to find the right celebrity to endorse a brand the 'Influencer Marketing' summary will give you the answers you need. There are currently 6 Activity Summaries, and each of these can be edited and customized to your exact project.

  • Buyer Persona - take a high level look at your target audiences demographics, psychographics and top/genre interests.

  • Personality Test Results - what lifestyles and personality types most closely align with your target audience? All psychographics.

  • Precision Media Buying - which media genres and sources have the highest interest with the target audience? Age, Media psychographics and genres.

  • Influencer Marketing - which celebrity influencers does this target audience follow? Influencer genres.

  • Design Preferences - what personality types and design preferences does this audience have? All personalities.

  • Geographic Footprint - where is this audience physically located? Geo-demographics with gender & generation.


Topic Summaries provide a detailed look all the information you need surrounding a specific industry, there are currently 30 Topic Summaries across 8 Topic Categories.

Beauty & Health

  • Beauty Routine - what beauty brands and media does this target audience engage with? Beauty psychographics, media and genres. 

  • Fitness Inspirations - what beauty brands and media does this target audience engage with? Beauty psychographics, media and genres.

  • Healthcare Decisions - which health media sources and brands influence this target audience? Health psychographics and products.

Beliefs & Habits

  • Beliefs and Values - which religious and social organizations influences this audience? Religion and Social/Civil genres.

  • Financial Habits - how does this audience make financial decisions? Age, income and financial genres.

  • Next Election Cycle - which political brands and influencers does this audience engage with? Political media and influencers.

Fashion & Shopping

  • Brick & Mortar - which retail brands is this target audience visiting? Shopping psychographics and retail genres.

  • Online Shopping - what brands and products does this target audience shop online for? Fashion/tech psychographics, media and brands.

Food & Beverage

  • Afternoon Snacks - what is this audience snacking on and drinking during the day? Food Psychographics and snack/drink genres.

  • Breakfast Time - what is this audience eating for breakfast? Food psychographics and breakfast genres.

  • Dine In or Take Out - which restaurant is this audience eating dinner from tonight? Income, food psychographics and restaurant genres.

  • Dinner at Home - what is this audience cooking for dinner tonight? Food psychographics and food genres.

  • Happy Hour Favorites - what is this audience's favorite alcoholic beverages and bars? Food psychographics and beverage genres.

Gaming & Tech

  • Excited about Electronics - which electronics and tech media does this target audience engage with? Tech and Electronics psychographics, media and products. 

  • Gaming Interests - what video games does this audience play? Video game media and products.

Home & Garden

  • Child Raising Years - which children's media and products does this target audience engage with? Kid media and products.

  • Cleaning the Home - what household products does this audience use at home? Gender/children, psychs and household supplies.

  • Decorating the Home - what brands does this target audience use to decorate their homes? Home & Decor media and products.  

  • Front & Backyard - does this target audience take care of their lawn? Geo, lifestyles, home & decor genres.

  • Pets are Family - which pet products and media influence this audience? Pets media and products.


  • Famous Musicians - which musicians is this target audience listening to? Music psychographics and influencers.

  • Music Media - what music media is this target audience engaging with? Music psychographics, media and products.

  • Print Media Preferences - which magazines, newspapers, books and authors does this audience read?

  • Surfing the Web - which websites does this target audience visit and engage with? Web psychographics and media. 

  • Time for Television - what is your target audience's favorite shows and personalities on Television? TV media genres.

  • Top Cinema - what are the most engaging movies for this target audience? Movie media and cinemas.

  • Watching the Big Game - which athletes, teams and sport programs is this audience engaged by? Sports psychographics, media and influencers.

Travel & Leisure

  • Arts and Culture - which art influencers and brands does this target audience engage with? Art influencers, media and organizers.

  • Automotive Interests - which automotive brands influences this target audience? Motor psychographics, media and products. 

  • Vacation Planning - what travel media and brands does this audience follow? Travel media and vacation genres.  


Custom Summaries are built around your specific data and analysis needs. You can create your own Summary by adding any chart type or data tables required, Name it and Save it! Click here to read more details.



Each summary contains a mix of data tables and chart types arranged in an easy to comprehend format. Each table in the Summary displays the Top 50 results by Reach, ordered by Affinity (click on 'Reach' to reorder the results). To dive deeper into the category by loading more brands, click 'SEE MORE ABOUT THIS TOPIC'. You will be redirected to the exact category section with the data table and chart displaying. All the tables and charts in Summaries are editable - Click here to read more. Summaries are available for sharing and downloading in multiple formats: PDF, XLS, PPT or HTML (link or embeddable code).


  • Quickly review data across demographics, psychographics and interests

  • Assist in brainstorming process by analyzing personas and topic narratives

  • Quickly share data among colleagues and clients in easy to generate formats

  • Build completely customizable layouts that can be regenerated for any audience

  • Share any custom summary among teammates for reuse and further customizations