Once you've selected your target and clicked on the Analyze button, you will be redirected to the dashboard page which will provide you with multiple quick insights on the target audience. Every dashboard includes a mix of demographics, psychographics, interests and trends.

Cubeyou has 3 types of dashboards:

Activity Dashboards: help you when you have a specific activity to accomplish. For example, if you have to find the right celebrity to endorse a brand the Endorsements & Sponsorships dashboards will give you the answers you need. There are 7 activity dashboards:

- Buyer Persona

- Media Buying

- Endorsements & Sponsorships

- PR & Events

- Channel Marketing

- Content Creation

- Creative Brief

Topic Dashboards: help you uncover all the information you need about a specific topic, there are 12 topic dashboards:

- Food & Drinks

- Sports & Hobbies

- Cars & Motors

- Fashion & Apparel

- Beauty & Health

- Kids & Parenting

- Technology & Electronics

- Gaming

- Music & Entertainment

- Politics & Beliefs

- Art & Culture

- Travel

Custom Dashboards: are built around your specific needs. You can create your own dashboard, add all the charts and tables you need, name it and save it. Click here to read how.


Each dashboard contains a mix of tables and charts.

Tables: each table in the dashboards displays the top 50 results by reach, ordered by affinity to give you the best balance between the two indexes. If you want to dive deeper into the category or load more interests, just click on “See more about this topic”. You will be brought to the specific category section where you will find both the table and the graph displaying the data. 

Charts: each chart in the dashboards illustrates up to the top 10 results 

All the tables and charts in the dashboards can be edited, as well as the ones in the Activity and Topic dashboards. Click here to find out more.

Once you have finished with all the edits and your dashboard is exactly as you want it, you can download it in multiple formats: PDF, XLS, PPT or HTML (link or embeddable code)