Once you have selected your target and moved from the panel selection page, you will find yourself inside the heart of the platform with all the information on your panel. Here is an overview of the values that are calculated for each data point 

Cubeyou calculates 3 indexes for each data point Reach, Penetration and Affinity

These values are calculated for demographic traits, psychographic traits and interests.

1) Penetration

Percentage of consumers who have a specific psychographic trait/interest that fall in our target audience.

In the example above, we are analyzing the Top Beauty products for our target audience, Outdoor Voices. The first item is Glossier. So of American’s Interested in Glossier, 2.29% of them are also interested in our target “Outdoor Voices”

2) Reach

Percentage of consumers in our target audience who have the specific psychographic trait/interest/demographic.

You can think of this as the main percentage on your target, in this case Outdoor Voices and what percentage of your target has an interest, trait, or demographic.  In the example above we can see that 9.46% of those Interested in Outdoor Voices are also interested in Glossier. 

3) Affinity Index

This index tells us how the target you are analyzing is different from the average American population, so what is distinctive of your audience. Affinity can fall in the following ranges:

  • 0<Affinity<1: your audience is less interested in the item than the average US pop

  • Affinity=1: your audience is as interested in the item than the average US pop

  • Affinity>1: your audience is more interested in the item than the average US pop

Affinity Formula= (Reach of an item in the target)/(Reach of an item in the average American pop) 

In the example above, we can see that those Interested in Outdoor Voices (our target) are 151.91 times more interested in Glossier than the Average US American. This is a significant percentage, which is why we use Affinity to filter by what is distinctive of your target compared to the average US!

Example #2: let’s take people interested in Patagonia as an example and look at their “Top Food and Drink” interests

For the first interest in the list, Clif Bar, the 3 indexes will be:

  • Penetration: 16.10% of Clif Bar’s audience is also interested in Patagonia (so falls in our target audience)

  • Reach: 7.32% of Patagonia’s audience is interested in Clif Bar

  • Affinity: Patagonia’s audience is 16.26 times more interested in Clif Bar than the average American population

All the tables are ordered by Affinity from the start (except for the location data that is ordered by Reach), by clicking on the names of the indexes on the top of each column you can order by the index you prefer.