This tab allows you to upload an email list in CSV format and get a full analysis of the email users profiles. 

Cubeyou matches the email addresses in your file with the existing social accounts connected to these emails and gives you all their demographics, psychographics and interests just like when you are analyzing a brand.

To get a representative panel be sure you upload a file of at least 10,000 emails.

Here is the process to follow:

1) Click on the “Add Custom Audience Button”.

2) Click on the “Import” button to add a csv file.

3) Upload or drag and drop a file from your computer and name it. You may also add a representative image if you'd like. Then, proceed to the "Map your fields" step.

4) Be sure all the fields are properly set. The first line of your file (Column label from CSV) has to contain the name of the field you are analyzing, so for example “Emails”.

5) Click on the "Match" box to select it, then click on the “import” button and the matching process will start.

6) A pop up will appear giving you the expected waiting time. Click on done to see the status of the process.

7) You will receive an email once all the emails in your file are matched.