Cubeyou’s psychographic traits include lifestyles and personality traits. To select an audience based on their psychographic traits, click on the psychographics tab and then use the dropdown menu to select a range of lifestyles and/or personality traits.

Within the personalities section you can select either the Big Five personality traits, or the type of content the target prefers based on their personality.




Personality calculation on Cubeyou is based on the Big Five Personality model that defines human personality based on five factors that are: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. 

But how are these traits correlated to social behavior?

Cubeyou has collaborated with Cambridge University in the development of an algorithm that calculates personalities based on social interactions. The study was made on a panel of 58,000 people and identified patterns between the 5 personality traits and the following social behaviors:

  • Types of accounts with which a person interacts on social media: brands, media, celebrities, groups, nonprofits and causes with which the panelists interacted.

  • Pattern of engagement: whether a person interacts more using likes, shares, comments, mentions or posts.

The Big Five

  • Extraversion

    • Outgoing/Energetic

    • Solitary/Reserved

  • Agreeableness

    • Friendly/Compassionate

    • Analytical/Detached

  • Conscientiousness

    • Efficient/Organized

    • Easy-going/Careless

  • Neuroticism

    • Sensitive/Nervous

    • Secure/Confident

  • Openness to experience

    • Inventive/Curious

    • Consistent/Cautious

The Graph

With Cubeyou, you can now look at the Big Five Personality and each of the 10 opposite dimensions of personality in an easier to read graph/list. The graph to the left below, will list the five core personality traits and the ranges between the two extremes. This will better help you visualize where on the spectrum your target falls under.