The template you can download at the ned of this article will help you create a complete overview of your strategy when you are pitching a new customer. 

The Template is divided in 2 parts:

1) Pitch Brief Sample: a complete example that analyzes Applebee's target consumer 

2) Pitch Brief Template: a blank sample that you can fill in on your own.

The sample and template are divided in 4 main sections: 

1) Audience Analysis: provides a picture of the target consumer with demographic and psychographic traits

2) Business Opportunities: brands that are best fits for partnerships, and best events for sponsorships

3) Media Opportunities: describes the media preferences of the analyzed audience

4) Creative Insight: how to capture the attention of the audience and get creative ideas based on their interests and passions

Just click on this link to download the template and fill it with the data you pulled from Cubeyou.