This State by State template helps you create not only a beautiful layout of the data but also a very insightful one, showing you preferences state by state in the US.

The purpose of the map is either to benchmark a specific set of brands, like competitors and see who's the favorite in each state or just look at preferences state by state (for example if you want to find out who if the favorite singer in every state).

How can you create this map yourself?

Let's imagine for example that you want to benchmark different sportswear brands, here are the steps you have to follow:

1) Login to Cubeyou and select the first state you want to analyze in the target selection area, for example Alabama. To make the analysis more complex, you can add extra details to the audience, for example select Millennials who are Outdoor Enthusiasts in Alabama.

2) Click on the Analyze button and go to the Custom Quadrant on the bottom of the interest section

3) Once in the Custom area, start typing the names of the brands you want to benchmark in the search bar like for example: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, New Balance, Under Armour, Asics, Lulemon

So Nike is n 1 by Relevance for Alabama. You can now take a screenshot, download the data or write down the number for the top brand.

4) Now go back to your target selection area, deselect Alabama and select the next state you want to analyze for example Alaska and click on analyze. Once you get back in the Custom section the chart you created for Alabama will still be there and display the results for Alaska.

Lulemon is now n 1. Once again screenshot, download or simply write down the data.

5) Go on and repeat the process for all 50 state. 

6) With all the data at hand you can now use different color for every brand and start coloring the map. To make it more fancy you can also add the logos of every brand on the map

You now have your map displaying the favorite sportswear brands for Outdoor Active Millennials in all 50 states.

Click on this link to download the map and create one yourself.