What does Cubeyou analyze?

What you see on Cubeyou+ is a fresh and high definition picture of the consumers that are interested in a specific brand or product. You can call it addressable market and it represents a specific segment of consumers who engaged with the product or brand you selected in your search. For example let's say you selected all Americans interested in Coca Cola, what Cubeyou+ will show is all those consumers that have a behavior clearly showing a strong interest in Coca Cola. This is done is by analyzing the pattern of actions that each person performs on social media towards Coca Cola. 

We mainly look at 3 factors:

- Type of interaction: We track every type of interaction such as: likes to pages and like, love, haha, wow, sad, angry to posts + comments, shares, checkins and mentions. Each interaction has a different value based on the meaning and effort of the action, for example it’s easier to like a post than to take the time and write a comment and for these reason have different  values.

- Frequency of interaction: Also the frequency with which interactions are occurring is really insightful of the level of interest that a person has. For example a consumer that interacted 10 times with a brand is way more interested than the one that did it only once.

- Time frame: Finally we also take a look at the time frame in which the interactions took place. More recent actions have a higher importance and are therefore weighted more than actions that occurred in the past.

Once collected and weighted based on the above rules all this information falls into an algorithm that assigns to each consumer an interest score for the specific product (ex. Coca Cola). If this score is over the threshold (more interested than average consumer) the consumer will be selected in your search.

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