What does the Popularity Index calculate?

The Popularity Index gives you a benchmark between your audience and the average American population, in simple words this index tells you how your audience is different compared to the average American, what is distinctive of the audience you are looking at. Let’s look at an example.

Target: people interested in Lulemon

Popularity tells us that people interested in Lulemon are much more Outdoor Enthusiasts compared to the average American, because the Popularity Index for this trait is 195.16 out of 200. Popularity also shows you what your audience is not into. For example we see that Lulemon’s audience is less interested in food compared to the average American. Foodies has a Popularity of 90.22, and even less in politics (78.83 Popularity).

Tip: use Popularity in the Psychographics section to understand what your audience is really passionate about.

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